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      We are "A VILLAGE"
      A clothing brand full of Motherly Collections. We sale an array of expression tees & more to uplift and encourage motHERs in our community! We do this through workshops, outreach projects and apparel.
      Heeeeey, Heeeey, Heeeey Mama’s. I am Markehia Jinay (Village Mom Keshia) founder of A Village Collection. A Village Collection was birth out of pain and love for my 2 boys. I fell into the stigma of a Single Parent-Household which tore me to pieces. I have always believed in a nuclear household however, this is my new norm. Because of this it caused me to go into major depressive disorder mixed with post-partum stress. I felt sadness and worthlessness and a whole lot of stuff that held me hostage. One day through prayer and deep mediation I realized that I was missing out on monumental moments. My children were able to feel the stress, deep fears and concerns that were holding me captive. Thus, I built an online community to aid in support of me dealing with motherhood woes, gaining self-control and building my self-esteem and confidence. I no longer cry because I'm hurt. I now cry because I AM GRATEFUL!
      Villagers.....We only regret the chances we do not take.
      BELIEVE in YOU!
      I am so excited to WELCOME you to “THE VILLIE”. I look forward to growing with you and your family on this journey.
                               IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE US ALL….
                                                                                         XO: Village Mom Keshia
                            ALL IN ALL                      
      You may hear mothers referred to by different words from time to time. Some examples include MOM, mum, mummy, mam, mammy, mother, motha, MUHTH-er, motHer, muva, mommy, momma, ma, madre, mama, and even maw. BUT NO MATTER WHAT ONE MAY CALL HER….. US, we all have the same end goal in mind, RAISING STRONG KINGS and QUEENS!